Seven Councils working together to help you

This Council is a member of the Waikato Building Consent Group, a cluster of seven councils which work together to bring consistency to the building consent process.

Other members of the group are:

The group website is for anyone in the local building industry or involved in a building project, large or small. It provides information on the Building Consent process and requirements, information on the different types of building projects, as well as other relevant information you may need for your building project. You can also access application forms and checklists, and links to other useful sites. 

Visit the site for:

Building inspections and consents for the district are carried out by our Building Quality team. If you require more information or a building inspection please call us on 0800 492 452 or email us. 


What our Building Quality team does:

Our Building Quality team issues and inspects a wide range of building related projects from wood burning heaters to multi-storey buildings. We also:

  • Issue building consents
  • Issue project information memoranda (PIM)
  • Conduct building inspections
  • Record and monitors building warrants of fitness
  • Ensure the provisions of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act are complied with (If you have a pool and aren't sure if you are on our Pool Register, please email us) 

We currently receive and issue around 1,600 building consents per year. Building consents are required for a wide range of building work including:

  • Construction and demolition
  • Alteration of buildings
  • Conversion of buildings
  • Site works
  • Swimming pools
  • Fences
  • Signs
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Solid fuel heaters
  • Solar Heaters

If you are unsure if you need to apply for a building consent, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



For technical building enquiries Building Inspectors are available at the following times:

Ngaruawahia Office

  • Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 10am

Tuakau Office

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8.30am - 10am


Tuakau Office

The following services are also available from the Tuakau Office:

  • Lodgement and processing of building consent
  • Administration, processing, and time extensions
  • Building related enquiries
  • Planning and Engineering enquiries regarding Building Consents - an Officer is there Tuesdays and Thursdays

Certificates of Public Use, Notice to Fix, Infringements and Unauthorised Building Work Notices are initially being administered out of our head office in Ngaruawahia.

Booking of building inspections is done through the Ngaruawahia Office, however, building inspectors are also based in Tuakau.


Development Contributions

Any application for resource consent, building consent or service connection may be liable to pay development contributions. Read the current 2015/16 Policy and related appendices to find out more.


Building Guide

‚ÄčBuilding Guide have compiled a building guide that provides useful information if you are looking to build a home.

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