Vehicle entranceways

The maintenance of vehicle crossings is the responsibility of the property owner. The Council ensures that they are constructed to appropriate standards and in safe locations, but once constructed all future maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.

You may have a rural property with a culvert pipe under your vehicle crossing. It is also your responsibility to ensure the pipe is kept clear and does not cause a flooding nuisance.

To change or add a vehicle crossing on your property you will need to complete a Vehicle Entrance Application Form. This will allow us to inspect the proposed location for approval and ensure that the crossing is constructed to council standards. You will have to arrange for a council approved contractor to construct the crossing for you.

Vehicle entrance standards

Vehicle entrance standards can be found in the HCC Development Manual, as follows:

  • Rural entranceways – Volume 5 - WDC Addendum, Drawings TSG-E1, E2 & E3
  • Urban entranceways – Volume 3 – Part 3, Section 3, Standard Drawings TS306 and TS 310 
  • Download the Vehicle Entrance Application Form from our Forms page.