Roadside verge maintenance

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the grassed area in front of their property to ensure that the area does not become a fire or vermin hazard. However during the course of the year, the council’s contractors also maintain every berm immediately alongside the edge of the road, either by spraying, mowing or pruning.

Weed control

As part of its ongoing roadside maintenance programme, we operate a weed-spraying contract to control vegetation around roadside objects. This spraying is essential to keep the road drainage systems clear and operational, to eradicate noxious and undesirable plants and in many cases to maintain clear line of sight on corners. In addition, it is used to create a clear area around signs, posts and other street constructions so that the mowing contractor does not have to manoeuvre too close and thus risk damage. The spraying programme complements the mowing contract and together they keep the roadsides clear and operational.

Spraying frequency varies in different areas, but generally occurs four times a year.

No Spray Register

As well as the weed spray programme, we also maintain a “No Spray” Register to record those property owners or residents who have specifically requested us not to spray the area surrounding their property. To be added to this register, you must agree to meet certain conditions regarding the alternative maintenance of your property frontage.

  •  Download the Application for inclusion on the No Spray Register

Overhanging vegetation

Trees and hedges planted by the council on road reserves are pruned to maintain:

  • Healthy plants,
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare, and 
  • motorist visibility

The foliage of trees and hedges planted on private property may, on occasion, overgrow onto footpaths or berms. Overgrowth can cause pedestrians to detour around offending foliage and/or restrict visibility for motorists. The property owner is responsible for pruning such overgrowth, but where the overgrowth is considered to be a safety hazard for pedestrians or motorists, we can use provisions within the Local Government Act to remedy the problem.

If the overgrown vegetation is affecting power lines call the WEL Networks freephone on 0800 800 935 or for more information see trees and vegetation and tree-trimming on their website.