The Waikato District Council rating year is 1 July 2015– 30 June 2016.  A 10 per cent penalty is added to the remainder of any instalment not paid by the due/penalty date. 

Please note that all Waikato District properties, including those in the former Franklin District, have the same rates instalment due dates. In addition, for former Franklin District properties there is no longer the ability to pay the full year's rates on 30 November and avoid a first instalment penalty.

Request for rates information

To obtain property settlement information please print and complete Part A of this form and email to rates@waidc.govt.nz . It is Council’s preference to provide rates information for property settlements in writing.  This to ensure miscommunications are avoided as can happen when information is advised verbally. 

Suppress my information

Owners who wish to withhold information about their names and/or addresses should complete the form below and return to Waikato District Council. 

Please note that it is not necessary to complete the form if you have no objection to your name and postal address being published in the Complete Rating Information Database.

 If you have a question about your rates please contact the rates team on 0800 492 452.