HCC Development Manual

The Waikato District Council, along with five other neighboring District Councils, has adopted the Hamilton City Council Development Manual as its own engineering standards. To facilitate this move, a new volume (Volume 5 – District Supplement) was added to the Development Manual in 2006 to outline the general variances and/or additional design standards or specifications that are to be followed for the installation of services in rural subdivisions.

In 2007, Waikato District Council added an Addendum to Volume 5 to provide specific standards and guidelines that are applicable only to Waikato District Council.

What is it?

The Development Manual sets out the processes and standards that are expected to be followed and met whenever any development project is undertaken in accordance with Waikato District Council’s District Plan.

The performance criteria and rules for subdivision are set out in the Council’s District Plan. The Development Manual includes processes, design guides, technical specifications and quality systems which, if fully met, will ensure compliance with the District Plan requirements.