District Plan

Planning maps

The maps are fully browsable and for each one a PDF version is supplied for more detailed inspection and for printing (maps are set to print at A3). For more information on the maps and how to identify land which is subject to appeal, consult the introduction document below.

There are pairs of maps for each geographical area. One view shows policy areas and the other shows the zones. They cover the same geographical area and have the same sheet number and title at the top left or top right corner. Click on any of the frames in the grid below to go to the policy map for that area. You can then toggle to the equivalent zone map by clicking on the link just above each policy map.

planning map 25 planning map 25A planning map 26 50 52 52(49-53) 48Policy 49-53 15 Scotsman Valley 24B 24A Tamahere School 58 Hamilton International Airport Obstacle Limitiation Surface 22 Map 20 21 Newstead 22 Newell Rd 23 Bruntwood Map 19 - Tamahere 41 Manu Bay 41 Manu Bay 42 46 44 45 16-Aotea 17-Pirongia 18-Waitetuna 11-Raglan Coast 12-Te Uku, Waingaro Landing 13-Waipa River 14-Hamilton Evirons 15-Eureka,Scotsman Valley 6-Waikorea Beach 7-Waingaro 9-Orini 10-Tauhei 3-Hampton Downs, Whangape 1-Whangamarino 2-Maramarua 08-Huntly 26AB Hamilton International Airport Obstical Limitation Surface

Plan Changes

  Raglan Land Company Private Plan Change 12 Notified 16 November 2013
  Plan Change 2: District Wide Growth and Rural and Coastal Subdivision  Operative 21 February 2014
  Variation 13: Te Kauwhata Structure Plan Operative 7 September 2012
  Plan Change 1: Hamilton International Airport Noise Rules Operative 22 September 2011
  Plan Change 3: Tamahere Structure Plan Operative 8 July 2013
  Plan Change 5: Vision & Strategy for the Waikato River Operative 8 July 2013



* Order a hard copy

The Waikato District Plan is available for sale in hard copy for $383.00 and includes a CD-ROM. A CD-ROM on its own costs $31.00.

For further information on any District Plan matters, please telephone one of the Council's Policy Planners at 07 824 8633 or email districtplan@waidc.govt.nz

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